Chitubox - advice needed

Hullo guys

The recommended slicer for my 3d printer is Chitubox, and there is an aur package \0/

However it hasn’t been updated in nearly 6 months, it appears to have been uploaded only once, and it’s too old a version to support my printer /0\

What to do?
Do I email the package maintainer who doesn’t seem to have an interest in keeping it up to date?
Do I try my hand at manually installing the tar.gz? This seems to be discouraged for punters like me, also appears non-trivial for this particular package.
Do I try alternative slicer software? This seems to be discouraged by the printer manufacturer.

Other ideas?

The package has been flagged as out of date and commented on already

As the maintainer hasnt responded to multiple version flags … what I would suggest is the following:

  • Download the PKGBUILD.
    (your AUR helper may make this easy, in yay: yay -G chitubox-free-bin)

  • Edit the PKGBUILD and replace the pkgver line with 1.7.0
    (note-you will still have to have the binaries from your account/sign-in… follow the prompts)

  • Go ahead and install … what I would use is (in that directory) makepkg -sric

(as this is software requiring an account and all … I cant test …)

Of course … The above all assumes that nothing is needed but the version bump for the source.

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Thank you - that got me a lot further (o:

It now fails what looks a lot like a checksum check (sha256sums), and I can’t seem to find the correct checksums for the downloads on the chitubox site.

Is there a way of generating those from the tar.gz, or should I contact Chitubox?

You can generate right sha256sums from the files you downloaded. Like this.

$ sha256sum PKGBUILD                                                                                                                                            
b468c07b376ee2c9065867ea01e476e2428a05dbca88acbe8cde202dbc58ccae  PKGBUILD

Or just delete sha256sums from PKGBUILD.

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I got it to work! Thank you FishHawk (o:

For anyone following along, the package is a little … fiddly.

  • You need to have yay installed - grab it in your package manager if you don’t
  • You need to download the package - in the console, run: yay -G chitubox-free-bin
  • Register and download the Chitubox install files - here’s a link
  • Copy the dowloaded file to /var/tmp/pamac-build-USERNAME/chitubox-free-bin/
  • Navigate there in the terminal: cd /var/tmp/pamac-build-USERNAME/chitubox-free-bin/
  • find the relevant sha256sum’s: sha256sum CHITUBOX_V1.7.0.tar.gz and sha256sum chitubox-free.desktop
  • Open the PKGBUILD file in your favourite text editor, update the version number and the sha256sums with the values from the terminal
  • run makepkg -sric, give it your sudo password, and done!

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