Chinese language support

I want to use simplified chinese and pinyin input with wayland kde ( or gnome wayland if the former is not possible ). One of my machines uses an american qwerty keyboard and the other a latin american one. I also want to use english and spanish in both systems

See Localization/Chinese - ArchWiki

We also have a Chinise language section of the forum: 中文 - Manjaro Linux Forum

I cant read those forums, i am just beginning to learn Chinese. Now that i think about it, the only thing someone like me needs is pinyin input right?

Forgot to mention, trying to install Chinese packages i accidentally changed everything into that language. I uninstalled Chinese from settings manager but some of the interface such as some the login screen still remain in that language


Yes, you can install fcitx, fcitx5 or ibus

Chinese fonts may be installed by default, you can check if you have Source Han Sans installed in System Settings. If not, you can install by sudo pacman -S adobe-source-han-sans-cn-fonts

i tried using fcitx5 but when i try to configure it, the following error appears:

“You’re currently running KDE, but KCModule for fcitx couldn’t be found, the package name of this KCModule is usually kcm-fcitx or kde-config-fcitx. Now it will open config directory.”

I have not met this case, check if you have some packages uninstalled:

sudo pacman -S fcitx5 fcitx5-gtk fcitx5-qt fcitx5-configtool fcitx5-chinese-addons manjaro-asian-input-support-fcitx5