Chilean Translation


This is Kaztheyano, I am translator with location in Chile, but everybody know that in this country speak spanish, how ever language from here, it is too different, the chilean speaks two languages, chilean, and spanish.

So I would like to know, if can start a new project with this language, i.e, “es_CL”.

Thank you.

Are there such huge differences in between spanish and your own way to write and speak it in Chile to need special translations?

I may have had info on where to contribute to existing projects
but I have no idea how to go about to start an new one. :man_shrugging:

Hi Nachlese.

Let see, the chilean location is too different the rest of spanish, as well as written and spoken, the “Rae” (Real Academia de la Lengua Española) Royal Academy of the Spanish Language, recognises like the spanish more than dificult to understand.

If you tell me, where look for, I would appreciate it.

Thank you.


In principle if you want to help with the tools developed by Manjaro, then here would be the place Applications · GitLab
Chose the project you want and see how that can be done.

For DE’s translations might be more appropriate to address directly to those projects on their gitlab

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I can’t - sorry.
I hardly speak or write or understand any spanish dialect, be it “spanish” or “chilean” …
I didn’t even think that there was a huge enough difference to warrant such an effort …

are there truly some things that “chileans” would just not (easily) understand from the already existent spanish translations?

… just curious …

Yes, it is too dificult, I am not from here, am from Spain, and really, the Chilean spanish is toooooooooo different, there are translator, interpreting with a location chilean languages.

A lot people from Europe live here, for its economy, and use Manjaro or Arch, it is very funny their languages.

Thank you.

I have a problem with understanding now

Native spanish people have difficulties understanding people in Chile.

and now you want to improve that situation by creating a Manjaro specific translation … for whom? :man_shrugging:

Exactly, we need to watch a Manjaro at Chilean languages. Firefox has its browser at “es_CL”.

ok - I was not sure, just wanted to know

but my question essentially was:
would Chilean people understand standard spanish?

You say no, they don’t.

I can’t quite believe that - but that is nothing more or less than my opinion.

I say:
I have no freaking idea.

I just asked in an effort to clarify the … issue.

Yes, ofcourse, the chilean people can uderstand to spanish people, and vice versa, but between them, it is different and when writte among then, it’s different as well.