Cherry Stream Keyboard on Manjaro?

I’m getting a Cherry Stream keyboard in the next week. This one also has multimedia keys btw other additional keys (lock, calculator, browser). Would these work out of the box in Manjaro? So far I did not have such keys (fortunately …).

Because the internal codes keys send to the operating system - mostly are the same - it will probably work.

But there is no guarantee - because when it comes to non-standard keys - such as multimedia keys - or other special functions like your mention - vendors of keyboards are free to use their own specs - which often requires a vendor specific software to interpret these special key codes.

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Thanks @linux-aarhus, it’s not that I necessarily need those buttons, but I don’t like having to constantly see things that don’t work… so if they are already there …

Cherry mechanical keyboards are high rated keyboards with a long history - I remember nerd talk late 90’ies - about Cherry keyboards - and most high end keyboards comes with cherry switches (my preference is the red switches). My current keyboard is xtrfy-xg1-r-led - it replaced my 1.gen Zowie Celeritas - and the only reason was the led - it was purely a cosmetic change :slight_smile: the Zowie keyboard just needed a good cleaning.

You can set the additional keys by editing /etc/xorg.conf

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The Stream is NOT a mechanical keyboard (intentionally!). I had a Filco with brown switches for the last 6 years. I don’t like them now after this long time. Now it’s time for a change :wink: But Cherry I know for a very long time - Made in Germany :wink:

thx, Euer Gnaden!

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