Chaotic Aur Lost

Good day i followed the Chaotic Aur installation manual and did everything correctly. Cheked and everything was there. But both installer an terminal don’t see it. It was worked before 2020 for sure. Also is there a way to only install a certain app subrepository instead the full Chaotic?

Please follow their how to

Then run:
sudo pacman-mirrors -f5 && sudo pacman -Syyu

It should work after that.


Chaotic works but not as separate category (like Aur, Snap, Flat). I want to separate it form the main Manjaro repositories.

In Add/Remove Software, you can browse each repository individually by clicking on Repositories on the left panel.

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Maybe you prefer the old fashioned method?

Not when you do search tho, that is the important to me. No one is just browsing packages from the beginning to the end randomly.