Changing the lock screen clock theme

How do i change the type of login screen clock ? by installing theme ? idk how. btw i this is my first time using linux

you can change /usr/share/sddm/themes/(theme_name)/components/Clock.qml or /usr/share/sddm/themes/(theme_name)/Clock.qml depending on where it is.

for example, /Clock.qml >>> Qt.formatTime:

text: Qt.formatTime(["Local"]["DateTime"])

change it to:

text: Qt.formatTime(["Local"]["DateTime"], "H:mm:ss")

save and reboot

then you will have a 24-hour clock which also display seconds

Open System Settings → Search “Formats” → Click “Time” → Select time format what you want.

After changing time format, you need reboot, I think.

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