Changing text color in terminal

how do i change the color of the text in terminal to green?
I’m new to i3wm so I’m more or less lost… please help!

If you’re using the default terminal emulator in the i3 edition, which is urxvt, you have to edit the file ~/.Xresources, since this file controls the colors of the terminal.

Open the ~/.Xresources file with a text editor and find the line beginning with URxvt*foreground:.
Change the color defined in this line to your liking, something like this:

URxvt*foreground:    #00ff00

If you also want to change the color of the cursor to green (#00ff00 as in the above example), change the line beginning with *.cursorColor:, so that it becomes like this:

*.cursorColor:    #00ff00

To see the changes in the terminal, run this command in a terminal window

xrdb ~/.Xresources

close the terminal and open it again.

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