Changing system tray icon for third party app

I am looking to replace this vktablet tray icon. I made a svg and png file that matches the theme. I can’t figure out where the system tray is calling it’s icon from for this though.

There was a png at /usr/lib/vktablet which was being called by the .desktop entry. I replaced it with the png I want, but it only changed the desktop icons. All the information I have uncovered surrounding replacing system tray icons only covers what’s already in the theme.

Anyone have any suggestions?

It might be calling a different icon under /opt/ or installed in /usr/share/icons/, or it simply might be part of the executable itself.

If the former, you might be able to replace the relevant icon (“in place”).

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Thanks for the reply. The only reference to vktablet I can find, is the one I mentioned earlier. It must be baked in, which is unfortunate. I hope KDE adds a way to organize and modify the system tray a little better in the future.