Changing Panel Color

Is it possible to change the panel background color in Plasma? Would like to be able to choose color to suit different wallpapers.

You can do it by editing the theme or in the color scheme (in the case of an ‘adaptive’ desktop theme that sources its colors from your color-scheme) … and maybe theres a widget.
Otherwise … you need to select a desktop theme (which is mostly your panel/menu theme) that matches.

Thanks for the quick reply. I’ve been moving away from Windows for several years and doing a lot of distro hopping. However, I haven’t used anything except Manjaro Plasma for about six months. It just keeps getting better and better. My hat is off to everyone involved.

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What theme are you currently using?
And what color do you wish the panel was?

What I was hoping for was something similar to Mate’s built in ability to change panel background color.

I have experimented some more and found a farely good comprimise. Breeze Dark theme with Brownie Plasma Style, DarkVino colors and Oxygen icons.

Not exactly what I wanted but pretty close. I can be happy with what I’ve got. Thanks.

You can also use Latte-Dock instead

Might not be what you are looking for either, but there are more options with it.

Breeze Alpha Black has this widget thing for that:

Thank you all. None of the suggestions worked for me but I figured out a decent comprimise.

There was an easy way to get exactly what I wanted. I took a screenshot of my desktop then edited the area covered by my panel and widgets to dark brown. I then loaded the modified image as my wallpaper and turned the panel and widgets to be transparent.


may I ask you how to make panel and widgets to be transparent?

Thank you

To change panel opacity
KDE settings
Window Behavior>Window Actions>Inner Window>Mouse Wheel.Change Opacity
Everything on the panel adjusts opacity not just the panel itself