Changing my shell to bash

I see you already solved your problem.
Just came to say that it also just happened to me, EXACTLY how you described, and also works if you comment out or remove the source /usr/share/zsh/manjaro-zsh-prompt line in ~/.zshrc.

Thats all.

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This is not how you change your shell - it is like cutting your tire to change the car to bike.

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I also had this problem… Konsole was using the zsh terminal emulator by default instead of bash and so I was seeing icons in the terminal! Call me stuck in the past but I don’t want to see fancy icons in my terminal window… text only.

To switch it to use bash from the Konsole menu bar I went to “Edit Current Profile” then change the “Command:” box to /bin/bash. Apply changes then exit out of Konsole and open it up again.