Changing motherboard jack from lineout to headphones

Ok so I have my headphones connected to the jack on the back of the motherboard, but being set by default to lineout, I get distorted sound when I get past 50/60% volume.

Is there any way to change the configuration (as it could be done in windows) so that I get the right output power to drive headphones?

I don’t use the front jack because my case front io is messed up and sounds horrible when I connect my headphones there.

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The simplest method for dealing with excessive volume range in audio controls is to reduce the final audio level to the output jack in ALSA
How to configure the default sound level everytime my device boots?
If you reduce ALSA audio level for Line Out jack to 40-50% you should have distortion-free audio for pavucontrol levels up to 100%

There is a Linux tool that can retask audio jacks so a rear jack can show in GUI controls as Headphone output

Reconfiguring input/output ports - Advanced Linux Sound Architecture - ArchWiki

The alsa-tools package contains the hdajackretask tool, which can be used (on Intel HDA cards) to reconfigure the sound card input/output ports; for instance, to turn a microphone jack into a headphone jack.

Retask the front headphone jack as ‘Not Connected’ so it cannot create problems for other audio jacks, or be confused with a retasked rear jack

hdajackretask cannot reconfigure amplifier or mixer nodes within the audio device so a retasked jack might not work as well for driving headphones
And the ALSA audio level will probably need to be reduced to allow full level range in pavucontrol

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Thanks a lot, now everything works as I wanted. The distortion is now gone (for the most part) and I can switch from one output to the other using the pulseaudio software.

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