Changing lock screen image when not logged in

Hello, i’m wondering if it is possible to change the lockscreen image when you’re not logged in.

If i log in and then just lock the screen, i get my background blurred which is nice and i like it, but when logging out or on first boot i get a gray image with Manjaro on the bottom which honestly isn’t of my liking.

Is there a way to change it?
Thanks in advance.

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That is not the lock screen but the display manager, and if you’ve chosen GNOME as your desktop environment, then the display manager is gdm.

Now, I don’t use GNOME and I’m not familiar with the configuration of gdm, but its configuration should normally be in a file under /etc, because that’s the central location for all system-wide configuration files. I’m guessing it’ll be something like /etc/gdm.conf or something similar enough to that.

If you find the file, then it should have an entry for the theme and/or background image it pulls in, and then you can modify this. Do however make sure that whatever new theme or image you wish to use is not located in your home directory. It must also be stored in a location of the filesystem that’s system-readable.

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That is a binary file that resides in /usr/share/gnome-shell/gnome-shell-theme.gresource. There is no easy way to change the background unless you extract the resource file, modify it with your background, and recompile in binary format.

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@Cromix, You may use this:

Download the source code and extract it. Then open a terminal in the folder containing the script and enter:

sudo ./ /path/to/image.png

[/path/to/image.png is the path to the image you want to set as gdm wallpaper]
If it does not work,

sudo ./ --uninstall

Just tried it in a VM and it works!
P.S. - You should take a backup of the original /usr/share/gnome-shell/gnome-shell-theme.gresource file, which contains the config for the gdm background [just as @bogdancovaciu pointed out], before doing this, just for safety.


This worked perfectly, thanks a lot!

I also removed the Manjaro logo on the bottom renaming the file /usr/share/plymouthd/manjaro-logo.png to manjaro-logo.png.bak. I add this here in case someone that found this answer founds it relevant.

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