Changing layout to "Modern" doesn't show indicator-sysmonitor, cpu/mem usage stats on the top bar?

Changing layout from classic Manjaro to Modern doesn’t show system load indicator’s stats on the top bar? I assume this is because of the spacing alignment of day/time component to the right of the top bar. Is there any way to keep the system indicator’s stats on the top bar?

those are just extensions, go in the extensions app & enable/toggle on

It’s an app and the CPU and memory usage are pinned to show up on the top bar, so there is not any extension toggle button to enable/disable. The app starts when power on the pc, and simply when I am using the “Modern” layout it doesn’t show up on the top bar. I am using indicator-sysmonitor

By the way, I am also using the extension of Freon for cpu/gpu temperatures, which works fine! The indicator-sysmonitor though when switching layout from (“Manjaro”-> “Modern”) it disappears, but if I revert back to “Manjaro” it works fine.

Anyway, because I couldn’t find any solution for this app, I removed the indicator-sysmonitor AUR package/app and now I am using the vital gnome extension instead, which is working.

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