Changing Keyring password

I recently had to change my password for my login account by using the live fix. Now I am getting the Keyring password and login password are different. I went into Seahorse to try and change it and of course I can’t because I forgot the old password hence the reason I had to use the Live fix. Anyway to blank out or change the password so I no longer get this prompt without knowing the old password?
I searched around and saw mentions of just using seahorse, which I can’t use since I dont know the old password or something about removing seahorse and I don’t know much about what would happen if i did.

There no way to reset or blank the password, if you don’t know the old password. The keyring have typically sensible information and if that can be done, then the keyring would be nonsense.

Only way is deleting and start new, OR remember/crack the password.

Are there steps to cracking password?
Nevermind, hammered through all my keyboard patterns i use for passwords and apparently found the one that unlocked it.

pamac install john
python2 /usr/bin/keyring2john ~/.local/share/keyrings/login.keyring > ~/keyringhash
john ~/keyringhash

Well that would bruteforce it, but better would be using a wordlist:

john --wordlist=/path/awesomewordlist.txt ~/keyringhash