Changing keyboard-layout

I want to use two languages on my desktop, the english and my native language.
I was able to add my native language and switch back and forth by hotkeys.
Later I installed the gxkb, because I want to see on the system tray which language is actually selected and switch to the other by clicking.
Now I can’t switch, so I removed the gxkb, but the situation isn’t better.
How can I get back the option to switch by hotkey? Optionally which package would be able to show the actual selected language and possibly change by mouse click?

How can i force to appear the application for switching keyboard layout?
I can see that in applets list as enabled but can’t see on the taskbar.

I have found the solution in another thread at this forum: Error activatong XKB configuration (sorry the typo isn’t mine)

For a persisted solution I put this into my .profile file.

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