Changing from Legacy to UEFI with KDE install

I installed Manjaro KDE on a new M2 Sata NVME while the Bios was in Legacy mode. I can change from Bios to UEFI and then the NVME won’t boot. When I change back to Bios to Legacy, all is good. If I change to UEFI and reinstall Manjaro KDE from a USB, will the install create a bootable GPT NVME?

Yes it will set it up with no problems.

for install manjaro

UEFI, create a profile and save for Windows ( if any ) and another for linux

recheck all option in your UEFI ( for linux)

SecureBoot off
Fast Boot off
No Legacy
all disks on AHCI

boot only on UEFI:<partition 1> → EFI install manjaro

you can check in terminal , before install

inxi  -Fxza
test -d /sys/firmware/efi && echo efi || echo bios
sudo efibootmgr -v
sudo parted -l 

*** do not format /boot/efi , only add after for mountpoint ***

Thank you

I am not doing a dual boot with Windows and thank you. I will keep it in mind if I change my mind. I kept the NVME with Windows separate and put in a new one for Manjaro

Yep, worked great. Set up the Bios to UEFI, unchecked Secure Boot, installed Manjaro KDE. Now have a GPT drive. Thanks again and it generates more questions. Back to the Forum for me!

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