Changing defaults on a rolling-release

Hi everyone,

First thanks for all the great work and for such stable and smooth distro.

It’s my first time using a rolling release distro, and I have some questions around evolving system defaults compared to other systems. Due to the lack of something like dist-upgrade, how will manjaro manage changes for systems settings that will change overtime?

I can think of some examples like: cgroups v2 or systemd-oomd, that once changed for new installations will make sense to change on existing systems or at least have the option to align with the new defaults.


Hello @mingue :wink:

pacman or pamac creates so called *.pacsave and *.pacnew files of the configs on upgrades. Here is everything explained: pacman/Pacnew and Pacsave - ArchWiki. In general you have check these files and merge them if needed.

As I understand, I am not an expert there, cgroups are a kernel thing and therefore a subsystem of it. So the cgroups version change on kernel upgrades.

The service systemd-oomd (systemd-oomd.service) is disabled by default, but can be enabled anytime.

If new defaults are there, then a new config will be written as *.pacnew and you are responsible to merge this file with the current one.

For example:

pacdiff -p -o

displays all *.pacnew/*.pacsave files.


I actually had two config files affected by this (.pacnew), luckily they were trivial changes and they didn’t affect the system. I normally use the pamac UI to update my system, maybe I missed the warning there :sweat_smile:

cgroups v2 actually shipped in 2015 on the kernel but it took some time for some dependencies to adapt to it, like docker. I had them enabled for some time on my system as I was experimenting with rootless containers. On the arch wiki it says they are enabled now, but at least on my system only the hybrid version between v1 and v2 was available without modifying the config.

I will do more research on systemd-oomd as some distros are enabling that by default already.

Thanks for your answer!

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