Changing default applications

Hey There,

I am using manjaro-gnome for quite a time now and after a recent update (to pavho i think) I am having this issue whenever I try to open a folder instead of opening it in the files it gets opened in vscode (code - OSS) by default. Also I don’t have the option to right click and ‘‘open in different application’’ so guys please can you help me how do I set my files app to open folders by default.

Thanks in advance :grin:

edit: having the issue with all files that don’t have a default app to open them, THEY ALL OPEN IN VSCODE…

This could help you.

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This procedure may work:

Edit the Mime= line ih the vscode application’s .desktop file. Remove any associations you don’t want. (For folders, remove inode/directory)

Then, run
sudo update-desktop-database

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