Changing between multiple keyboard layouts from system tray

Hello! :smiley:
Few years ago I had Manjaro installed on another machine, I had a panel (or however it is called) in my system tray where I could change my keyboard layouts with two clicks.
I have it on all my macs and had it as well on my Fedora system.
Now I need to switch between Norwegian, English, German, Polish and French and I can’t find where is the setting…
I do not remember exactly, but it wasn’t hard…
On my Mac I just add languages /keyboards, use toggle to add to the tray and voila.
And here?
Thanks for help in advance!

right click panel bar, choose panel, add new item and choose keyboard switcher and click add.

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on one hand I feel so stupid now - of course it is there!
but on the other - I spend 70% of computer time on macOS. Different logic.
Thank you for help :smiley:

Everything is easy…after you know how it works

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