Changed sound server to pipewire but some pulseaudio component remain

First: no sound issue so far after i changed pulseaudio to pipewire.

But pamac tells me now:

[john1@manjaro cron.hourly]$ pamac list|grep -i pulseaudio
pulseaudio-alsa                       1:1.2.5-2                   extra      
pulseaudio-ctl                        1.70-1                      community  15,3 kB
pulseaudio-qt                         1.3-1                       extra      794,6 kB
xfce4-pulseaudio-plugin               0.4.3-1.1                   extra      326,2 kB

To change from pulseaudio to pipewire i followed:

Manjaro forum thread

Do i still need shown pulseaudio component shown above?

… i removed these pulseaudio packages. They were not mentioned as dependency in Manjaro-pipewire. Everything with sound is working … :slight_smile:


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