Changed modesetting what harm could be done -- yikes apparently a lot

I’ve had Manjaro Cinnamon installed for about 3 weeks and lately I noticed that the GPU chip that rests under the palm of my hand seemed pretty darn hotter. Hotter than what I remember Mint used to me so I went into settings and gave modestting install a try.

Reboot and nothing — there will be no boot.

Its been a long time that I had to deal with grub command line modesetting, etc. Is there anything I can add to grub edit that will make it boot.

I don’t see any boot into safe mode on the grub boot menu.

Boot into a Manjaro live ISO, open a terminal window, enter manjaro-chroot -a, select your OS (if only 0-0 is shown select 1), and do your corrective actions, exit twice and reboot.

did that and chose 1

So when you say do the corrective actions do you mean from the GUI in hardware configuration that can be opened?

Or do you mean to use a terminal command line?

If you mean to use a command line – I’m not sure what to use to make corrective actions.

Manjaro boots but only to a certain point than I can hit alt f2 and log into an area that I can do terminal commands.

I think all I need to do is remove those intel video drivers and go back to open source drivers.

Ok, gave up and reinstalled. I have home on a separate partition so it is easy for me to recover.

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