Change time display format from 24-hour to am/pm?

Cannot find option in Manjaro settings to change time display from 24-hour format to 12-hour (am/pm). I have 6.1.12-1-Manjaro and sfce ver 4.18. If it is not in the settings, is there a terminal command, or a file edit, to get to the %I format?>

There should the option in the panel settings for the clock.


Yes, I believe that applies to Xfce 4.5 and above, not my version 4.18. It looks like I would have to create a new directory and file, then code the file for the format change, and that is a remarkable amount of effort to simply change the time format. I am going to forget it because it isn’t worth the trouble. Thanks anyway.

  • right click on the clock applet in the panel (where what you want to change is currently displayed)
  • chose “Preferences” “Properties”
    There you can change the format of what is displayed.
    A few pre set items and also an option to customize what is displayed how.

my system isn’t in english - changed the name of the option according to what @6x12 said

In my Xfce 4.18 I can:

  • rightclick on the clock in the panel bottom right
  • pick ‘Properties’
  • in the opening window under ‘Clock Options’ >> ‘Format’
  • pick one of the AM/PM options.

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