Change the window frosting?

Hi all, I’ve been trying out a few different themes for kde lately. And I’ve noticed that one of them seems to have somehow changed the level of “frosting” or tiny specs that are in the window borders and the Taskbar at the bottom of the screen. And the more transparent the theme makes them, the more you can see these little specs. Almost looks like it’s dusty and needs to be cleaned.

Does anyone know how to remove this frosting so that the window borders and taskbar look more transparent? I searched around but sometimes these settings can be difficult to find. Thanks!

Then that theme is broken and dont use it ?
Or thats how its supposed to look and you dont like it so dont use it ?

Otherwise if you want to ‘fix’ it yourself … then augment the theme.

No there’s a way to change that… haze effect. I have done it once before but I can’t remember the method for the life of me. It worked perfectly, if only I could remember exactly how I did it. IIRC it had something to do with the compositor, but looking through it, the answer isn’t forthcoming.

You went to Desktop Effects > Blur
and you played with the Noise Strength



Thank you! That’s it.

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