Change the Kernel to custom builded

Hi, im using the Manjaro-Image for RockPro64 (aarch64) and its working well.

I modified the linux 5.18.5 Kernel with the goal to make working a 5G Module (FIBOCOM FM150-AE) in cdc_mbim driver mode.

I followed these introductions without any errors:

But it seems that the kernel is not changed, cause uname -a gives me the version 5.18.5-1 ?

Also the 5G Module is still in qmi_wwan mode instead of cdc_mbim.

Do I missing something at kernel change part? Do “mkinitcpio” not change the default boot image?

How did you install your own kernel? Simply building it is not enough, you need to install it too.

If you used a PKGBUILD, then you will have a package that can be installed with sudo pacman -U <package file>. Remember to double check that your /boot is mounted correctly, and make sure that your own package has proper conflicts and package name in order to not have updates overwrite it.

I did generate initramfs.img file like at Point 10. from the tutorial above explained:

sudo mkinitcpio -p linux[kernel-version].preset

I assumed its generated the .img file and write it somehwhere in the bootloader?

Since is a ARM system the booting procedure is different, I just have experience it with GRUB etc on x86 archs

I wouldn’t use that manual guide at all.
Just clone manjaro-arm gitlab repo for whichever kernel and edit PKGBUILD accordingly.