Change Terminal "Prompt"

I want to change the Prompt from Gnome Terminal and i don’t know how.

I want instead of these arrows (~ >>>) a prompt like the Ubuntu-Terminal (user@host:~$). And I search a function to set the transparency of my Terminal background.

I hope anyone can help me to solve this.

While you can edit the prompt …
What you are actually showing (in their default states) is the difference between zsh and bash
(I too prefer bash)

The Gnome Developers decided to remove this function from Gnome Terminal. You can’t use a transparent background with the normal Gnome Terminal.

You need to switch to a different Terminal or install packages like gnome-terminal-fedora or gnome-terminal-transparency

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Comment out your current prompt from your ~/,zshrc and use this instead:

PROMPT="%(!.%{$fg[red]%}[%n@%m %1~]%{$reset_color%}# .%{$fg[green]%}[%n@%m %1~]%{$reset_color%}$ "

Here, have some fun with this:
Or if you’re using zsh you can search for themes for it.

You could simply switch the shell from zsh to bash

chsh -s /usr/bin/bash

Switching to bash you will loose all the cool functionality of zsh.