Change swap partition to swap file

1 Is a good idea?
2 Must delete my /dev/sda5 swap partition and adding 5GB to nearest /home /dev/sda6 at first.
3 All partition format are ext4.
4 Following the Swap - ArchWiki

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It is your system and you benefit from the change in that you gain the ability to change the size without affecting system in general - repartitioning.

Other than that there is no real benefit.

Configuring zram can increase your system responsiveness.

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There is no benefit changing a swap partition to an identical file if you have one already.


If you want to do that for flexibility reasons however:

  • swapoff
  • remove swap partition from fstab
  • Reboot to a Live USB session
  • delete swap partition
  • grow / partition
  • reboot again into your Manjaro session
  • Create swap file
  • add to fstab
  • swapon


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