Change shell to bash for default?

Im trying to changing the shell to “bash”, i have for default
zsh i think.
when i open a terminal i get this kind of:

~ >>>

i try this:

 chsh -l

Also this:

 sudo chsh -s /bin/sh 

And if i log out, and enter again i get this in the terminal:


…but if i then put “bash” as a command, i get this:

[myuser@Notfire ~]$ 

Why im not getting that at the first time? that is not how is suppose to be?


if you are using Konsole, than you can change it in Settings → Edit Current Profile at Command:
If you using Yakuake you will find iit in Manage Profiles, select the Profile → Edit at Command.

Hope it helps…

Hi @9acca9,

I wonder whether you could execute the following terminal command:

sudo chsh yourusername  -s /bin/bash

Then, close the session and you could see the changes.


I think it is because it is not the same shell, so they do not work the same and do not share the same configuration, I guess?

Because you changed your shell to /bin/sh

If you then type “bash”, this shell is executed - and you get a different prompt.

You don’t need sudo for that, btw. (only when you want to change it for another user than yourself)

If you want to use bash, change the shell to bash instead of sh …

chsh -s /bin/bash

You don’t want to use /bin/sh as your default shell - use bash or zsh.

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