Change Manjaro GNOME Overview Search Suggestion Order

Hello everybody, i would like to have some help regarding the suggestion priority of the search section in manjaro gmone.

Usually, when we push the meta key, a prompt appears to type in the app or parameter we want to edit, for example:

→ meta key pressed, prompt appear
→ i write “blue” for bluetooth options (in settings)
→ the suggestions order are : pamac-manager gui app > gnome-clocks > options settings

any idea to invert the suggestion orders ?
any help will be very much appreciated, here is the example

This is really hard and long to acomplish, so read carefully:

Open Settings (in your case Paramètres)
Select Search
Drag and drop each item to your heart’s content.

Enjoy Gnome GNU/Linux.


oh my god how can i be so blind thank you xDDD

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