Change keyboard to spanish layout

Hi there, this seems to be a very easy thing, but i cannot wrap my head arround ;(
I would like to change my keyboard configuration from german to spanish, while i can set up a spanish keyboard in the keyboard config, nothing changes, also after reboot. any idea? I was also reading in the forum and couldnt find a clue, but surely i am missing something easy here…

Hi @kalimerox,

Make sure the correct locale is installed:

Other than that, I have no idea.


I think you’ll have to enable it, regenerate your locale to install it, and then change it. But I only use the US layout, so I’m not even close to an expert and might be wrong…

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Hi there,

somehow it worked by deleting the german layout completely! not sure if there is a nother way to switch back and forth if needed, but for now i am happy :slight_smile:

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