Change keyboard layout on Wayland

Hi, I don’t understand how to change my keyboard layout on Wayland. I use the QWERTY Lafayette layout, it’s a qwerty adapted for french people.
On the official site qwerty-lafayette . org there is the procedure for xorg, it works well. But it does not work on Wayland. I then tried via the graphical tool of Manjaro, it finds well the installed keyboard but nothing happens when I apply it, it does not work.

I did a fresh install of Manjaro Sway yesterday, but I want to use Qtile (So avoid a single procedure to Sway). The only manipulation I did was to modify /etc/vconsole.conf to have a qwerty login (following a bug that put me in azerty although I chose QWERTY at the installation).
Thank you

Seems for Qtile you need to add/create a config for such things.

Here’s the doc for it:

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