Change Kernel Version

My Manjaro has notified me to change the kernel version, because it’s old.

Kernel: 5.15.46-1MANJARO

to which version I need to upgrade, that’s also the current one? The 5.17 Kernel shows me the label “Realtime”. Can I upgrade to that?

Thanks in Advance!

Hi @JoJockets,

When is the last time you installed updates? Because, kernels are updated when you install all the other updates.

I installed a big update (with (system-)Apps) yesterday

weird, because this kernel is still actual. are you on stable or on another branch?
can you submit the output of

pacman-mirrors -G

This is mine after the last update:


So I don’t think you need to worry.

Realtime kernels are, gene rally, not necessary for the person that has to ask. I don’t even know for sure, exactly what they are. All I’m sure of it has to do with time spent doing something, so comes in handy for audio work.

I’m on stable.
I look for some updates, maybe then the problem is fixed.

Disable that update checker - you don’t need to update your kernel unless you are having severe issues which are kernel related.

5.15 is LTS - so just stay where you are - and you are good for the foreseeable future.


To their credit, i too use 5.15, and i configured MSM to notify me only for new LTS+recommended kernels. And it still told me there were new kernels available, although not LTS nor recommended…

I know - it annoyed me at first …

$ cat ~/.cofig/manjaro/manjaro-settings-manager.conf