Change kernel to lts version

i wanted to switch to latest lts kernel in manjaro kde due to issues with battery life and sleep on my laptop.
just a quick question that how will the system get affected afterwards like less features and security??

Security will be the same, as that is the whole point of an LTS kernel, it is an older kernal that gets security updates.

You would only miss what has been added to the new kernels, whether it matters or not depends on what hardware you have and what you use. An LTS kernel is more stable because it isn’t changing. On the other hand you might want a new kernel if it added something you deem important. Like for instance the newest kernal 5.15.2 has the new driver for NTFS which is supposed to be better than the old userspace one.

In any event, there is no harm in trying a different kernel. You can have more than one installed at a time and hold shift at startup to bring up the grub-menu, go to advanced and select which kernel you want to use. It is a good idea to have an LTS kernel on your system anyway, in case the other one breaks, you can just switch to the other kernel to get into your system and fix it.


Some new package upgrades will be impossible to install cuz they request latest kernel.
Security will even rise, cuz it’s lts.

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