Change in theme background affecting applications

my gnome changed the background of things to black, before it was white, and this is causing problems in some applications like eclipse, how do I solve this? I didn’t request any changes, I thought it was strange that he changed the topic or whatever it is alone, it seems that he activated some kind of night mode …

With a recent gnome release we started enabling automatic nightmode for new installations. Because of the nature of gnome-settings This may have also affected installations of new users that have not made any changes in their enabled shell extensions. This change was reverted in the next update at the request of @philm because it may have seemed weird for some users.

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And is there any way to disable this nightmode? It’s not that it’s bad haha, but as I said my eclipse ide got bugs because of that.

I ended up finding in the themes for apps the option Matcha-sea, it is probably the option I used before this update, the one that was marked was Adwaita-dark. Putting in Matcha-sea the idea of the eclipse returned to its normal background!

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