Change gui font size in sway-pinebook pro

In my Pinebook Pro, testing Manjaro 20.08 sway edition installed on a microSd, I can’t change font size for gui apps. For example for wofi, libreoffice, thunar, etc…
I have change

# some global theme specific variables
set $background /usr/share/wallpapers/manjaro-arm/generic/manjaro-pine64.png
set $gtk-theme Matcha-light-azul
set $icon-theme Papirus-Light
set $cursor-theme xcursor-breeze
set $gui-font Noto Sans 18 
set $term-font TerminessTTF Nerd Font Mono 20
set $kvantum-theme Matchama-Light-Azul



set $theme /etc/sway/themes/matcha-blue-pablo

all this configs works except for the gui font size

Hello and welcome to Manjaro.

My guess would be that you need to scale the whole desktop instead of scaling up the font size, as the symbols and icons will probably be to small.