Change display driver for nvidia


I have an older laptop with a Nvidia GeForce GT650M, running Manjaro with Gnome 43.1.
The installed propietrary driver is 390xx, which I want to replace with 470xx (which according to nvidia will work with my card) because I encouter Problems with vulkan, which isn’t working…

I am unsure how to do this. Is it save to switch to open source drivers and then manually uninstall driver 390xx and all its dependencies?
And after that, just install driver 470xx ? Will that work?

Sorry if the question seems a little weird, I am still beginner to linux …

Thank you.

i just checked on nvidia site, and no, it will not work with 470xx drivers… can you link where does it says that it will work?
also post output from:
mhwd -l -li