Change Desktop Environment on Pinephone

Hello, I got my Pinephone with Phosh 2 days ago and I would like to try the Plasma DE on it. I disable the phosh.service on the phone and enable the sddm.service but for some reason the phosh.service is enabled every time I turn on my phone. Is there a way to change the boot options? Also does uboot have something like a Grub menu that I could use?

Sorry if I seem completely ignorant, it’s because I am. XD

Download the plasma image from osdn or if you are really up to it you can dive into the nightly builds on

Then write the image to a 8G sdcard place it then phone and power on. I have understood that sdcard takes priority over emmc.

But the manjaro-arm-flasher don’t work with the stock pyqt5 packages.

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I actually borked my Phosh install by installing mesa-git XD.
I am already on Plasma on SD but the Manjaro ARM Flasher doesn’t open no matter how long I wait. Also if I update the phone the SIM pin app doesn’t show app and I have no ability to make calls. Installing mesa-git on Plasma makes the phone not able to launch any app (although it does boot).So I will wait before updating (installed it a second time now). Do you know what pyqt5 packages I need to make the flash utility work from the SD card?

EDIT: Btw I find the Plasma experience far superior than Phosh. Things work as they should for most of the time and the phone feels faster for some reason. :smiley:

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