Change Default ZSH color?

The default ZSH theme uses green as the default text color. This color is fine but I would prefer it if it was white. What file would I edit to set the default text color to white?

If it is actually hard-defined for your prompt then it is probably in ~/.zshrc.
But I notice you use KDE … so if you use konsole as your terminal emulator then you might instead look at Konsole settings - particularly the ‘profiles’ and/or create a new one to edit.

The .zshrc file just leads to a directory of the zsh theme that I cant seem to wrap my head around.

ZSH colours are usually defined as part of a theme. I’d suggest you search for a theme that appeals to you rather than messing with whatever defaults may be in place. Here are some ohmyzsh theme examples, to showcase what is possible.

A quick search revealed the powerlevel10k theme, which you could install with pamac. I’m sure there are many more, if you spend the time to find them.


The default Manjaro ZSH theme uses Powerlevel10k. It can be customized however you’d like using the configuration wizard.