Change default screenshot folder

I’m using manjaro phavo gnome version. the default screenshot tool is pretty good. Is there a way I can change where It stores the screenshots?

In the about section, It said if you don’t have a pictures folder It will store them in the home folder. Can I change it to store screenshot in /home/Dropbox/?

You should be able to change the location via
(not via the app menu, unfortunately - that is Gnome convenience for you
as soon as you want something different than the defaults, it can get a little … cumbersome :wink: )
open it, search for screenshot, change the autosave directory/put in where you want it.

… create that directory before you point to it

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thanks! fixed the problem. btw I tried KDE but it doesn’t work very well with my Nvidia graphics card and looks ugly out of the box. that is why staying with gnome :slight_smile:

I use the Screenshot Locations extension.

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yeah for some reason after reboot it still wasn’t saving to my screenshots folder. the dconf edit was still there, but installing this extension fixed it :slight_smile:

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