Change App Icon size and grid in Manjaro Gnome


I need bigger App icons for the use of Gnome on a 5 inch touchscreen. In the file gnome-shell.css of the user theme I made some styles. But I can’t found a way to change the app icons.
Dockbar: I changed the height of the dockbar, but the icons in it are staying small.

App Grid: I think the icons in the App Grid are bigger when I change the lines of the grid to 2 or 1. I found some extensions, but they are incompatible to my OS version.

Can someone help me with this issue?


If you are still on Gnome 41, then check this extension GitHub - Selenium-H/App-Grid-Tweaks: A GNOME Shell extension to tweak application grid and customizations.
They have also an experimental branch for Gnome 42 …
Two Extensions: “Alphabetical App Grid” and “App Grid Tweaks”

Nice thanks. I had to install is manually from the experimental branch. The Appicons worked fine.

Is there something who has a configurable icon size for the dock?

Dash to Dock and Dash to Panel both have some options for icons size.

I installed the extension Plank to dock because the other are incompatible. Is there a extension for plank? I found some plank configurations in the theme but the changes aren’t shown.

I might have lost the conversation here …
Plank on Gnome? What other extensions are incompatible?

Gnome vanilla comes with the dash that already looks and acts like a dock, just that will be shown in Overview. The extensions i mentioned come preinstalled in Manjaro and you can enable them or one via the Extensions app, they are 100% working on all branches, then you have more options to tweak the Dock.

Maybe someone using Plank can guide you trough about it.

I already get it to change the height of the dock with css in the gnome-shell.css file of the theme. The Touchpoint is very good now. But the icons are to small yet. I think when I can change the height of the dock that I can change the size of the icons.

So, you are not using the official Dash from Gnome nor the Dash to Dock extension, just Plank?
With DtD almost everything can be tweaked.

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