Chance password administrador

hello after installing manjado without entering any password I was able to install, but after using the system and needing to use certain functions that require admin access, I can’t access … o what can I do to manually adjust the password or update it from null, empty … because I didn’t put any when installing …

Hi @marmmc, and welcome!

We don’t support this “manjado” here. This is the Manjaro forums. :wink:

However, for Manjaro you can try:

sudo passwd -d root

and if it asks for a password, provide your user’s password. Upon a prompt for the new password for root, provide the new wished password for root, a.k.a. the administrator.

Hope this helps!

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ROOT-Passwort setzen is Simple:
open terminal and type this two commands, one after the other, not vice versa!:

sudo su
passwd (root-password, for example: passwd secret42)

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