Certain topic categories should have unlimited time to edit

Specifically, anything in Support and Tutorials.

I’ve maintained a support topic for years on the Ubuntu MATE forum covering how to install the legacy build of Pulseaudio Equalizer as provided by WebUpd8’s PPA, across multiple versions of Ubuntu.

New information about a topic for a tutorial may be sought and found months in the future, and with the way it is right now, I would have to create an entirely new thread every single time I make a mistake and omit information for too long, or find new information to incorporate, or quote entire blocks of text and leave a reply that nobody will ever read.

This time-limited stuff is madness. I can see how unlimited time can be a problem if someone’s account was compromised and suddenly there are a bunch of edits to threads which turn them into advertisements or some other bullocks like that, but to resolve would be as simple as freezing an account, rolling back those edits and waiting on a user to reclaim access with a new password.

The way things are done now will lead to a bunch of redundant posts with just a little bit extra information because OP is unable to edit the original topic.

I just moved your inxi dump thread to #contributions:Tutorials. Anyone with permissions including yourself can edit it.

The issue with that post to begin with was something I think @codesardine has already fixed. However, by the time that happened, the time limit for editing it had expired.

Tutorials are always open for editing, FYI.

I am not able to edit. I am serious about this, I think Discourse is still disallowing me because of the time thing or some dumb edit limit because everybody is saying the thread is TL0 which is in line with my capability to edit but the forum software is disallowing me.

Broken record and all, but if it’s still not working, I have to say it’s not working. And I know saying that is pissing people off — People should be mad at Discourse and maybe @philm, not me for the forum being so dysfunctional to have everyone in @moderators tell me a falsehood they think is true just because they tick some box and say it’s all better.

Sorry about that. (Also, where can I share a live feed of my display to show it’s not working?)

Quick edit just to be clear @Yochanan this isn’t just about the inxi post, it’s also about the post that @Aragorn had moved talking about use of a common space away from /home for storage of personal effects (i.e. your stuff). I can’t edit that anymore either, so if someone makes a recommendation to improve the OP there I cannot.

I may as well tell moderators to delete the post and republish it wholesale if I want to make a change to it, which would devastate any chance of natural SEO by frequent visitations through search results.

I can see that your post has been edited, but I cannot the previous edits

You were awarded Basic User badge (Trust Level 1) 12 days ago

both of the topics you mention are not time limited

(if you have a problem with another topic it helps to post a link to it)

How to bulletproof your personal effects (save your stuff!) all 3 of your posts were edited yesterday

and OP in the inxi topic was lasted edited today at 02:18

your comment is not making sense

I can’t edit it today. Unless I can all of a sudden? My permission to edit was revoked by system because of time, I guess.

In fact I was going to do a minor word edit when I was trying to save and received an error.

Not my edits — moderators are trying to make sense of the problem, which in private they told me was with that particular the inxi post.

your last post is only 18m old and already showing 3 edits last one 08:59 today

Anyone with permissions including yourself can edit it.

I do not have the permission to edit the OP inxi thread, so it could only be your or moderators