Certain applications have zero amplified volume in Raspberry Pi 400

This has been an ongoing issue ever since I first installed the Manjaro ARM on my Pi 400 around two months ago. Certain applications and audio formats will not be amplified from the system at all. The audio still plays, but this involves massively increasing the volume on my speaker much higher than it needs to be. This can be temporarily resolved by playing working audio that is amplified properly, and having the problem application playing audio at the same time. This works for a while. PulseAudio still thinks the applications are playing at an “equal” volume.

Some audio, like from Firefox, Xonotic and will be amplified properly when played on my speaker. This affects OpenTTD (which uses timidity++ for music), certain audio formats like .m4a (with the same audio player). I have tried troubleshooting using the arch wiki page on PulseAudio to no avail. Does anyone have a working solution to have the audio properly amplified?

I found a solution to my problem. Seems to be a common problem when playing audio through HDMI, which is the default way of playing audio through the Pi 400 (there is no headphone jack unlike the standard Raspberry Pi 4). Audio that plays at 44100hz doesn’t play properly.

sudo nano /etc/pulse/daemon.conf and change this line.

Replace this line in the file ; default-sample-rate = 44100 to this:

default-sample-rate = 48000

Don’t forget to remove the semicolon, which comments it out.

Thanks for all the help guys!

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