Ceph-16-2-7 issue

On a Manjaro update, everything seems to have been gone through successfully except this ‘Ceph-16-2-7’ AUR package. I have no idea what is, or if it’s even necessary for my system to run OK.

It’s been trying to build for over 40 minutes , and looking at the print-out the same commands seem to be going round in a loop, so it doesn’t look like it will complete. I see that there is a repeated warning of ‘struct_GLIBCXX17 DEPRECATED iterator’ that comes up every few lines.

I can cancel the build, but should I get rid of this package, and not sure if it can be removed cleanly?

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You know, it really does pay to search the forum before you post… :arrow_down:

TL;DR: You probably don’t need it and it is best to remove the package before updating your system.

Well, in the similar situation this one might help you.

I did search, and I actually asked about the package Ceph-16-2-7, not specifically about Ceph-libs, and not knowing if they were one and the same thing. Like I said, I knew nothing about that package, and I’m not psychic. That’s why I asked.

Anyway Ceph-libs, it turns out was in the official repository and I’ve removed it. Also manually removed the incomplete build from /var/tmp/pamac which had taken up a few GBs.

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Well I AM psychic,… but I didn’t know anything about ceph either.
mine would hang at 3 or 4% compiling.
So I uninstalled the current ceph-libs.
BUT I had another fail to build problem …python2 !
Why I would still have v2.7 I don’t know.
So that’s gone now too.

In [Stable Update] 2022-10-05

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  • Removing python2 from the repositories
  • ceph, ceph-libs and ceph-mgr dropped to the AUR