CD burning software?

Do you recommend an app that works well to burn audio CDs? (Manjaro Gnome)

I tried Brasero but it stops responding after clicking BURN.

k3b has a very good reputation, but it’s not a GNOME application. It’s a KDE application, and thus it may pull in a lot of KDE packages as dependencies, which you may or may not want.

I myself am a Plasma user and I’ve always used k3b. The only failures I’ve ever had were due to bad-quality disks and a failing DVD burner.

Your mileage may vary. :man_shrugging:


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Maybe look at this:

Brasero fails to normalize audio CD

If you try to burn it may stop at the first step called Normalization.
As a workaround you can disable the normalization plugin using the Edit > Plugins menu

Optical disc drive - ArchWiki

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kb3 seems to work ok, thanks.
It did error on the 2nd disc, but then was able to complete on another try.

I’ve marked a different post as the solution for posterity. :wink:

I’ve changed it back because the normalisation fix does not work, Brasero still locks up.

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