Catfish not working right?

For some reason Catfish and my Ext HDD will not work together. If my Drive isn’t mounted then I can do searches just fine, otherwise the windows just hangs and keeps searching. I would have to close it manually.

Why would this problem and the portable not work together? Any possible solutions I can try?

when did it started happen?

Sometime ago off and on. Thought Amule was doing this, but late last night i found if I had my Portable mounted then Catfish had problems doing searches.

you could try using it and after the issue happens check logs for some hints…
or try running catfish from terminal

The Terminal doesn’t show anything, just runs program. Where is the log located?

if you are running kde, just open the ksystemlog app … dont know on other desktops … you can use command, and check logs after catfish started:
journalctl --boot -0 --no-pager

I use Xfce.

i dont know whats the default log viewing app… so try to check via the command