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We simply should avoid casual chit-chat FB attitude here and focus on stuff which matters and help newcomers to get used to Manjaro and Linux. With the new forum we start also a new vibe and so far it is a success.


I’m lost without the humor thread, tbh. :slight_smile:

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I agree. It feels like this new forum just don’t have a soul. :ghost:

This matters a lot (at least to me). For example in those “show your desktop” threads I found a lot of inspiration for my desktop.
And because one user who regularly posted amazing desktop of his i3wm (but didn’t share any .config file) I decided to switch to it too (and read the documentation and do some work on the customisation and actually care - a little bit of a personal growth if I may say so).
It’s not just copy this code because something broke down (what a good boy, have a cookie :wink:).

With this casual chit-chat it realy feel there are people behind Manjaro project.

If Manjaro forum is turned to a helpdesk only then it would feel too much as a corporate machinery and I have alredy enough of that each day.


If that’s the attitude moving forward, I would suggest we all reply to every single newbie’s post with a simple and concise RTFM.

Clinical enough?

Personally I won’t be recommending Manjaro to the people I try to convert to Linux in future, because new users don’t just want a dry “help desk” service.

Certainly for me it was the sense of community that kept me with Manjaro for as long as it did, and definitely why I visited the forums nearly every day.

Why bother with forum’s at all? Just have a wiki and a chat bot. Job done.


Could you be a bit more detailed on what you mean with that new vibe?

From what T-level do we get access?


What I don’t like about this feature is that when you loose TL3 status you lose the rights over your own posts in these sections, right?

Trust Level 3 — Regular
Regulars are the backbone of your community, the most active readers and reliable contributors over a period of months, even years.

To get to trust level 3, in the last 100 days…

Wait… so we can’t see the “General Discussion” until 100 days later?

Sounds like this new forum will be an extremely boring forum. And community building is no longer a thing the Manjaro Team cares about.


Love manjaro the distro but unfortunately I am starting to get bad vibes from the team. I thought manjaro was a team that listened to its users? Yes everyone can make mistakes but most users seem to want it to feel more like a community than just a wiki with q&a. We had the controversy with free office, then Jonathan leaving and the issues surrounding that, then we have the issue of losing all the file’s from a forum and making everyone create new accounts. Think the team really need to remember that users are important


Yes and when you get there, you will find out there are already people talking in those spaces. Because some of the the TL3’s from the old forum get bumped to TL3 immediately (the admins can do that).
I’m personally not sure if that is a good decision, but it is the way it is.

That seems extremely unfair to people.

For both new and old users.


I’m not really sure what to think… I love the Manjaro distro, but the forum slogan used to be

Come for the OS, stay for the community.

But community is not just “shoot my wifi card isn’t working. Let’s all try to fix it” community is “New to the forum? Introduce yourself” or “How im feeling expressed in a desktop theme” or “why would Linux want me” or “what music i listen to while stuck at home”


Yes, maybe a new slogan…

Come for the OS, or go to Endeavour to find the community and a good Lounge forum.

You know, like Share your Desktop or ‘Plasma is Great’ (which gave me some great info and tips for my desktop) - Joke of the Day.


Well based on @philm response, I am beginning to seriously question whether the old forums crashed or were deliberately removed to roll out these new “improved” pre-censored forums. Regardless I spent many years coming here daily, to read and answer questions. This will be my third Manjaro forum and I seriously doubt I will be helping to rebuild it. In case anyone has not noticed, most of the technically savvy users have picked up stakes and moved to a new camping site. I simply advise those who don’t particularly enjoy bashing their heads against brick walls to do the same. In other words if you cared about Manjaro I recommend you stop doing so, because the team no longer cares about the community. Actions speak louder than words, and there have been a whole lot of both lately. Unfortunately what is being said, and what has been done is simply not hashing anymore.


Didn’t think I’d ever be saying this about Manjaro, but this shows how (to copy a phrase used in our last national election…) out of touch the Manjaro team are with the community if this what is thought. Because ‘stuff which matters’ - in whose opinion? A new vibe… yeah, like we really need the latest fad… and success? Judging from the responses here, and in another thread talking about the offtopic forum… that doesn’t seem to be the case. People supporting people as normal, ok, that’s a success. Whoopie do. That was going to happen anyway. Setting the bar high, I see.

And whose lunatic idea was it to have general discussion at TL3, which only unlocks after 100 days (that’s over three months, you know!), as long as you visited across 50% of the days, and is also the trust level that can be lost? I’m not saying it should be TL1 - these are still newbies, but it should be TL2, when people are considered to be ‘Members’.


Agree 100% how on earth can the team say The new vibe has been a success? When there are so many threads and posts complaining missing features of the new site? Dread to think how bad things would have to be before they admitted it wasn’t a success


It is quite simple. We talked within our team what we take over what we avoid to take over ever. Just that simple. Deal with it or go fishing. There is plenty fish in the see …


Thats exactly the attitude that’s lost so many user’s to endeavour. It really is a shame as your distro is nice but you are not making people feel welcome. I’ll take your advice then and join the exodus


I guess I am going fishing. Good luck.


If by that you mean without the useless content, then the entire team is responsible for bringing it to this point.

I was present for 2 years, started as a newbie (since most seem to like that term), and it happens that i also did my best. I see no reasons to not help the community from this point forward, unless i might invent whatever personal vendeta …

Hopefully the ground will not get burned up for such massive movement and friction.

Why not give a full responsible advise? I advise all to stop making scenarios that are unrelated with reality, and if you say stop caring about Manjaro, then you never did, so … have a pleasant journey wherever you feel like home.

You didn’t asked me yet about what the team cares about. As i said, i was present in the forum for only two years, so slowly i became part of the community, now i’m part of the team. Why? Because they care about community and the members in it. :wink:

You didn’t specify what actions exactly, so this generalization has no value whatsoever, unless you know more than any team member all together.

Community opinion and Manjaro team.
Do you consider that the actual team has to go, so the rest of community is happy, or do you think the team has to make a decision on what information we handle and how, on who’s time and disposition?

The forum is a couple of days old. Nobody was born a grown up, took some time to get there. Have you lost your patience already?

Exactly how Life is a Two-way Street, same is attitude. You brought it here and accused us of having it when we plainly made a statement upfront, in the open, with our plans and the rational behind it regarding the forum and everything related to Manjaro. Why do you have the impression that i can’t also question your attitude here? Are we using different leverage?