Casting does not work in Chromium but works in Chrome

Chromium version: 86.0.4240.111
Chrome version: 86.0.4240.183-1

If I try to cast a webpage, Chromium is able to detect my home devices, but for each of them, it’s written that: “Source is not supported”. And I can’t cast.

If I try in Chrome instead, it works.

Since I don’t want to use Chrome but rather I want to use Chromium… is there a way to fix this?

Have you read this?

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yes. I also enabled “load-media-router-component-extension” and “cast-media-route-provider” flags.

Btw, the link that you posted is about chromium that does not FIND devices. For me, the devices ARE FOUND, but the problem is that it tells me “Source is not supported”.

That might be something related to your devices then. Maybe this will help.

No, because in Chrome the same devices work. So it’s not a device problem, it’s more a problem with Chromium I guess

up, still no solution :sleepy: