carbonOS - a new linux distro with a new DE and Wayfire WM


So remember that post a while back about wayfire, a compiz-like WM running on wayland?

Wayfire : a DE-agnostic and fully-featured wayland compositor

Well … now theres a distro for that - carbonOS. With a brand new DE too.

They say it is still quite young, but heres a quick demo video they made.

I dont normally get too excited about things like this.
But I AM excited about wayland improvements and usability.
If this distro/DE can get it running smooth … in the future manjaro might be able to as well. :slight_smile:

Wayfire : a DE-agnostic and fully-featured wayland compositor

AHA! you ninja editor!
I will edit the OP with link to source…


Oops, wrong carbonOS.
There was actually a dos clone called carbonOS as well. :wink:


He he he, I actually found it myself here:

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Well… How long this one will be alive? One year? Less? More? I think I’ll wait for Mate to be ported to Wayland (using mir?!).

At least I’ll get a kinda complete and working environment :slight_smile:


This distro may or may not continue … but the techno/practical advancements are exponential and shared…


More or less it is a shell for Gnome …

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Yes, gnome, got it running on manjaro in a TTY:


At least, code is shared. But will it be used anywhere else?


yay for Wayland advancement.

besides that, i dont see a real inovation in this OS/DE in terms of design

btw that a really unfortunate name for it, because there used to be a carbynOS.

@fredb74 i think mir is no longer developed.


Erh… -> December 16th, 2018…


from my Ubuntu days, i remember Mir was seen as the future, then they gave up…


More here

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