cantarell-fonts update breaks fonts in some windows


I have installed the Cinnamo community edition ( manjaro-cinnamon-18.1.5-minimal-191229-linux54.iso) on my laptop, and everything was fine until I updated all the packages. Since then, the fonts have broken characters in some windows like

  • the authentication window
  • the tabs of the Midori browser

Here is an example:

I could reproduce that from the installation USB, and narrow it down to the upgrade of catarell-fonts, from 1:0.111-1 (on the installation ISO) to 1:0.201-1.
If I reinstall the 1:0.111-1 (for ex. downloading from here:, the problem disappears.

Before I dig further, has anyone experienced the same issue? It seems to only affect some characters like / , . :

I'm new to this distro, so I admit I may overlook something that is obvious to others :wink:

UPDATE: confirmed the same behaviour on a completely different system (NUC with Intel graphics card instead of Nvidia and so on).

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May or may not be related to the 'known-issues' in the recent update announcements?


Indeed, the problem seems to simply vanish on next reboot, I didn't have to patience to go that far. Good to know the release forum section too, thanks!

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