Can't use wireless keyboard or mouse in GRUB menu

Hello everyone,

I’m coming back to Manjaro after two years off… I moved, etc.

I have installed Manjaro in a dual boot with Windows 11 on separate disks and it’s ok. But as I am using a bluetooth keyboard, I can’t select the os with it in grub (bluetooth doesn’t work at this stage).

I also have a wireless mouse which runs on 2.4G and operates nicely for my Bios/Uefi settings. My idea would be to use it in grub, but it won’t.

Any suggestion?

Yes. Rather look here, I think:

And take note:

Boot process & a note for Manjaro users

Please be aware that just like any other additional module, the hook adds to your kernel image. To operate, it hence requires your kernel to be available during boot, before you are asked for a passphrase. A supported setup therefore strictly requires your /boot partition to not be encrypted.

If you are a Manjaro user and installed your system using their setup assistant, there is a high likelyhood of your /boot partition also being encrypted. In that case this hook won’t work for you as you are prompted by GRUB early on, before your kernel and hence this module is available. Please refer to this Manjaro post for options to make your boot process support this hook.

Do not use Grub to select which OS you want to boot, do it in your UEFI.

When your BT keyboard doesn’t work in the UEFI Settings then it will also not work in Grub. Simple as that, no way around.

Well, in order to enter the UEFI, I need to press DEL on a keyboard. That would be fine if I could replace this with a mouse click.

There may be a setting in bios to allow early use of usb devices, if you have make sure it is on.

To avoid ongoing complication I’d simply suggest using a USB/wireless keyboard (Logitech, for example). Cheers.

It sounds very interesting as I don’t have the possibility to set bluetooth on from bios/uefi.

But the link provided to check the options ‘to make [your] boot process support this hook’ leads to a 404 or a private page.

EDIT: I would eventually need a little help with the setup of this solution, but anyway I understand this would enable bluetooth when the kernel is loaded. This is not the case with grub, right?

It looks like irreleph4nt / mkinitcpio-bluetooth has had no significant work done to it in at least four years; it might be best to avoid that solution, regardless of it being vaguely promising.

I also have a USB / wireless keyboard, but its dimensions are too large in my setup.

My small and lightweight bluetooth keyboard is perfect in combination with my remote screen. I use this setup sitting on a sofa (yes I am retired).


I’m sure there are keyboards with a smaller footprint available; and relatively cheap; it’s just a question of whether you wish to look for one. Either way, that seems to be the easiest remedy for your situation, especially as the bluetooth alternative is failing you.

Aside:- I have a USB/wireless (full) keyboard which I too occasionally use from the comfort of the couch; it has never failed throughout many years of use.

You’re probably right, even if I spent some time choosing the right keyboard 2 or 3 years ago. I am very satisfied with it and I did not expect to run into that problem. But it’s not a big one. Thanks.

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